Sam freshner

Sam has the heart for helping people. Through many life experiences, he has witnessed people while they were breaking. Now he is helping people to pick up the pieces and create a new picture for a positive future. Areas of high interest and experience for Sam are PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and Life Transitions. With first responders, adults and high school teens. He is a counseling intern completing a Master’s of Arts in Counseling at Multnomah University under the clinical supervision of Brad Peterson LMHC.

(503) 890-8773


Counseling Theory:

Everyone’s life journey has mountains, valleys, creeks, and oceans to traverse and it can sometimes be overwhelming! We experience joy, sadness, triumph, loss, and the complete gambit of emotions on our travels. While no two people’s life journey is the same, some people can help you along the way through understanding, caring empathy and educated guidance. My belief as a counselor is to be here to help you follow or seek a change to your path, to make it the most direct and smooth course it can be.

Each time we pick up our foot, extend it in front of us, and then put it down again is one more step to moving…. “ever forward.”